Je m'appelle Eka..

July 5th, 2008 by Katiée

How two girls missed the train TWICE

Yes, it was me and Diana, in Sarregemines. And that is how it happened…

Just 20 minutes from Saarbruecken and you’re in france.
A nice place, already different from SB. You pass the border and the Sun is shining there.

But, this time, perhaps we took the weather from Saarland there and it began to rain so heavily… OMG! And I can’t swim, by the way :D

But we just don’t care, we just don’t care!:) (it’s a nice song, btw) taking pictures in the mirrors.

After walking and shopping for some hours, we, tired, very tired, decide to take SBahn at 19:16, but not being able to walk fast to the station, miss it just for 2 minutes.
We have to wait for another 30 minutes.
Ok, 10 min. 20 min. 25 minutes and the traing comes.
We’re pushing the button, the door doesn’t open.
The driver is looking at us, with NO face.
Ok, says Diana, it’s early, he’ll probably open it just some minutes before going back to SB.
And… after 3 minutes the train goes!
And we, TWO GIRLS, standing in front of the door, MISS it again!
OMG! Just because, we could not guess that the door was DAMAGED :(((
But there was nothing written on the door!
We are in Germany, not in Georgia, or Brazil, we expect here everything to be written, otherwise we assume that here nothing can be damaged :D
It’s perfect! :D
there is nothing better than to spend another half an hour on the station, in cold weather, being tooooo hungry, with the only possibility to buy Kebab after 200 metres of walking in the rain.
So we do it.
Instead of going to the Greek restaurant that night :D

But now, at least we have two positive outcomes:
Diana knows where to buy coloured clothes.
And I have tested my new , in fact very old camera, bought for 1 EURO on ebay :)