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November 15th, 2009 by Katiée

I have a dream!

I’m not Martin Luther King nor Barak Obama, but “I have a dream” too – a modest one and this is just a ticket for the New Year’s Concert of the Vienna Philharmonic .
Every year I watched this concert on TV, I thought once I’d go there wearing a Ball Dress accompanied by a Cavaller…
and this year I almost made up my mind to find a ticket for any price (without a Cavaller though).
BUT, what I found out exceeded my expectations by far. It’s not the price that frustrated me (the ticket prices range between €30 and €940), but the procedures to get it.
There are only 3 traditional end of year concerts – Dec.30, Dec.31 & Jan.01. Due to the extremely high demand, the tickets are drawn by the lot(!) through the web-site almost 1 year(!) before the concerts! You have to register on the web-site between Jan.2nd-23d and will be notified by the end of March(!) whether you were lucky enough to get the ticket or not. Only after that you are able to complete your purchase and then prepare your ball dress for the concert…
But, on the other hand, all these complications make the destiny even more interesting!
So, I’m looking forward to January 2nd-23d. I’ll try my best to win the lot and attend my Dream Concert in my Dream City in 2010 and clap my hands at Radetzky Marsch!:)
Neujahrskonzert 2009 – Radetzky Marsch, Johann Strauss

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