Je m'appelle Eka..

June 28th, 2008 by Katiée

Short summary of my life in SB, last few weeks

Tough schedule since the begining of the 2nd semester at Europa-Institut, you see:

  • MBA courses in HR and Change Management, too much work, but too much fun and joy

  • Audio Project in Media Literacy, Case-study TRIPS Moot Court without understanding anything, after which we all hate Havana Club and the rum from Cuba.
  • Football games, Europan Championship, watching together in OVID, Potato Island, Gasthaus Klein…
  • Exam again
  • Trip to London

Then seeing off, London airless Underground, last minute check in, terrible flight with Ryanair, 2 hours bus from Hahn to SB and…

  • Surprises after comng back to SB (no comments here)
  • A new roommate – Sara Marashi, from Iran
  • Case-study – moot-court, two days, 1 credit point only!!! :(((

But on the other hand very funny case-study because of the interesting method of the Professor to relax the people after working under stress

  • Then football again, our everyday life during the whole month. France finally was kicked out :((, Italy lost, Dutch as well (saying nothing about Swiss, Czech and Polish teams), Turkish and German fans are horning permanently, before one of them loses, we’re again sitting in OVID, paying 3.10 euros for Cola light with ice, or maybe Ice with Cola light, even…

Russia goes to semi-final:

  • again exams
  • etc etc etc

Tough schedule, isn’t it?
I’m so bored.
Oh, I forgot my BD, which I usually consider as the most unpleasant day during the whole year.
I wish I was born on February 29. At least I would have this day once in 4 years … :/

And the Footbal again, Semi-finals, Final game, Spanish win!!!
(and we have quiet night before the exam :D )

It’s over…
To be continued.