Je m'appelle Eka..

August 18th, 2008 by Katiée

We will survive!!!

If you check my previous post of August 3, you’ll find two strange maps of Georgia. With and without conflict regions.

That post was made just 5 days before the War in Georgia. Those who know the details will agree that this was unpredictable. Plus – the fact that in those days I was completely in my last exams, without any info about political news even in my home country. I would say this was just a coincidence that I found and put that terrible map of possible reality just some days before …

And also the phrase that I was repeating permanently during the last weeks: “I have no plans, I don’t know what may happen and what may change the next day…” I’m always trying to spend every day as the last one, to be ready to something that may never repeat any more.

Sometimes I hate my intuition, if it is a matter of my intuition and not the cruel rule of life…

After 1 sleepless week, after unbelievable things that happened just in some days…
No words, no courage any more. Not desperate yet, but exhausted.

I’m amazed, how everything may change in some hours.
Georgia – my home country, not developed yet, but at least developing… It was a place beautiful and safe enough to visit for everybody from all over the world!
And now? Even some Georgians are not able to go there, less flights, possible danger from Russian jets in the space over the country, etc etc etc
NOW I am from a “dangerous country of ongoing war”
I wish to cry… and sometimes I really can’t stop tears.

Walking out, I feel like I’m being stared from everyone. Because my face now is like no ever before.


I still can’t realize what has happened.
WAR has been a permanent danger to my country during the centuries. We were learning this at school. Persians, Mongolians, Osmals (Turks), Greeks before… Permanent fights, permanent occupations and independence. But we survived.

And suddenly, in 21st century the country is almost under occupation of Russia!!! They are everywhere, and where they haven’t got still, the people are waiting, ready for possible attack…


I have to do something.
I (and I’m not the only one, of course) will never conform with the fact that my country is a slave of any other state in the world! NEVER!

But unfortunately, the only thing I can do now from far away, is to dedicate myself to informational war.
To spread as much information as possible and to reach to the world from a smaaaal country Georgia it is not easy. Especially now, when most of the internet sources are blocked, saying nothing about other sources of communication.

I have created another blog
Russia and Georgia at War
Receiving and sharing information from different sources, from and with colleagues, eyewitnesses, friends, etc, etc… I have been sitting in front of my laptop during 7 crazy days. Now I have a terrible pain in the spine, hopefully I’ll go to doctor tomorrow.

War is still NOT over. Unfortunately.
We have lost physically. As it is told, we have almost 3000 people killed… out of 3.3. mln inhabitants of Georgia!!!:(

But Russia lost more. I don’t mean the number of soldiers killed. That does not compensate our losts, of course.

They have shown their face to the whole world. That will be the BEGINING OF THE END for this ugly state, I believe in this! The state which keeps its people still in the 18th century, especially outside Moscow and St.Peterburg, still dreaming about reunion of USSR. And they have proved, that FASCISM is still alive in their country.

Unfortunately WE sacrificed ourselves to show Russia’s real face to the world…
and also to prove that we – Georgians, the people with dignity and pride (maybe sometimes with the lack of diplomacy, even stupid, while fighting with such a huge and powerful neighbour) – will never obey to the slavery of Russia any more!

We have such fate – to be a neighbor of this ugly country and we have to live with this.

BUT, the WORLD! Remember!
We existed before some countries appeared on the map! And we still exist, while some others already dissappeared from it.

We will survive! We promise!

p.s. Great thanks to all peoples and governments that expressed their support to us.
God give a heaven to those who died in this terrible war.